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    Sick of not getting what you want out of life? Want to build your confidence and self-image? In this 25 page workbook, we give you the tools you need to build your confidence, break patterns and FINALLY get what you want by shifting your identity and self-image.

    Do you…
    • Long for MORE out of life? More excitement, more adventure, more love, more connection, more stability?

    • See friends and family getting what they want out of life (relationships, career, confidence) and wish that was you?
    • Feel stuck and not sure where to start, or recognise you are holding yourself back?

    Then this workbook is for you.

    What you’ll find inside…
    • Detailed explainations on how your identity and self image is formed, what it is made up of, how it affects your confidence and life outcomes, and how to utilise your self image to get what you want.
    • Three techniques to identify as a new version of you and develop your confidence, with multiple exercises, so you can start getting what you want - and fast.
    • Exercises to regulate your emotions and build momentum so you develop your self image & confidence in a sustainable way that sticks.


    Change your self-image, change your life.

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